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Captive Audience

Are you interested in having a captive audience of over 100,000 people a month stare at your advertising for up to an hour at a time?

Then you need Low Cost - High Volume - High Exposure - Captive Audience Placemat Advertising!

Captive audience placemat marketing produces an enormous audience of wide-eyed consumers.

This guerrilla strategy works well to effectively generate every advertiser’s dreams: Guaranteed Brand Visibility.

The ability of captive audience placemat marketing to maximize a company’s brand exposure is uncontested.

Countless research studies have shown that virtually 90% of the people “held captive” with an advertising campaign will certainly and unavoidably pay attention to it .

When used to complement a company’s current marketing mix it can ignite all of the companies current efforts by providing them a guaranteed audience for their campaign.

A Captive Audience Placemat Campaign can take ALL of your marketing efforts to the next level!

Our Current Locations:

(Click on Restaurant to see sample of placemats)

The Village Coal Tower - Schoen Place, Pittsford Trendy location, very busy restaurant. Hugely successful mat! Sells out fast, waiting list for some categories.

Call 585.300.6203 for pricing.

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